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Good quality trails don’t magically appear, trails happen because COMBA and our dedicated members and volunteers all help to make them happen.


Building, protecting and maintaining the trails we all enjoy is just some of the necessary work that we do. Without you, trails fall into disrepair, or worse, don't get built at all. Our access is never guaranteed. It’s mountain bikers like you and our local organization that champion new trails.


Some recent and upcoming trails projects that your membership $'s help fund:
  • Fast Money at Maryland Mountain is fully open!

  • Breaking Ground on Virginia Canyon in Idaho Springs!

  • Buffalo Creek Homestead Trail Realignment & Creek Crossing!

  • North Elk Creek Singletrack Connector Trail!

  • Warren Gulch Reopening!

  • Floyd Hill Maintenance & Improvements!

  • Learn More HERE

Fortunately, your generous support of COMBA trail stewardship keeps the fun of mountain biking going. Our members are united to protect the access we enjoy and are excited about being a force for developing more trails close to home. Join or renew with us today!



For a helluva lot less than a lift ticket, you can help build more great places to ride on the Front Range. We have an awesome slate of bike-focused new trails on tap that need your support!


Adding your voice to our ask for bike-optimized or bike-only, directional trails wherever possible.


Helping to educate new riders and trail users on how to get the best experience out of their Front Range trails.

Need more reasons?​

Our members make our work possible! COMBA is a membership funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your membership dollars build and maintain trails, host events and rides, encourage youth to get outside on bikes, and represent mountain bikers at the local, state and federal level. You'll reap the benefits of your investment every time you ride.

We know it's easy to think that trails are already funded with our tax dollars, but when we dream of bike-specific, challenging and directional trails, we often exceed the scope of what our land agency partners have in their budget or plans. So we put our money where our mouth is, stepping up to raise funds to get these sweet trails built. This means that we get to work together as a community to create awesome places to ride. Win-win! And as each rider joins us, the financial cost is reduced when we all share it. For comparison, joining is much cheaper than buying a lift ticket or eighteen holes of golf — and it results in local assets we all enjoy for years to come. 

Some of the great projects we're doing with membership dollars include new, bike-only downhill trails at Floyd Hill, Maryland Mountain and Virginia Canyon. This increase in bike-only, directional trails is a direct result of the advocacy we're able to do through your support. Thank you!

Skills Clinic 2019
Skills Clinic 2019

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Once You've Joined...Then What?

  • Follow us on social media and watch for new trails projects and openings along the Front Range!

  • Keep an eye on your email for special members-only discounts on COMBA merch and other gear. 

  • Check out our partner organizations for more events and social rides. Team Evergreen is organizing the Floyd Session Series, the Bailey Hundo and the Beti Bike Bash, while Mile High Mountain Biking has regular group rides.

  • Explore our Women's Program for social rides, shop nights and more.

  • Consider volunteering! It's super rewarding. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for opportunities.

You can support COMBA in many ways. Consider volunteering and helping with one of our trail building, advocacy, or social events. Spread the word to fellow riders about the importance of giving back to the local community and local trails through trail work and being an active voice for better MTB trail experiences. We need every voice!


Or help support us by making a tax-deductible donation. Transactions are secure via PayPal. Your personal information is not shared nor sold to anyone. Or you may donate by writing a check and mailing it to:



P.O. Box 280415 

Lakewood, CO 80228-0415