Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol

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Patrol Co-Directors:  Keith Clarke and Stu Miller
Patrol Manager:  Chad Brockmeyer

The Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol (FRMBP) is a volunteer mountain bike organization, affiliated with the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA), dedicated to promoting responsible riding and trail use on our public lands and provide assistance and education to all trail users. 2014 will be our 18th season of continuous operation under agreement with the United States Forest Service, serving the trail users of the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area.

How It All Started:
If you lived in the Denver area during the summer of 1996, you will probably remember the 12,000 acre forest fire and subsequent flooding in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area of the Pike National Forest. The fire and flooding had a devastating impact on the town of Buffalo Creek as well as the surrounding National Forest lands. The High Meadow fire in the summer of 2000, only added to the devastation that this heavily used recreation area has experienced. Recognizing that the USFS can use help, a group of concerned mountain bikes formed the Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol to assist the Forest Service in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area via a volunteer mountain bike patrol.

The FRMBP acts as the eyes and ears for the USFS providing assistance to all area Buffalo Creek Recreation Area trail users. We patrol on weekends only and our season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. We are beginning our 18th year of operation and our members had contributed over 8,400 hours of service to-date. With ever shrinking Forest Service budgets, our presence in the area is greatly appreciated and welcomed. It’s a good cause, great fun and a wonderful excuse to get out and ride.

Our Mission Is Simple:
We promote responsible riding and trail use and provide assistance and education to all trail users. We help all Buffalo Creek trail users in having a safe and enjoyable experience in the National Forest. We provide assistance and aid to all trail users, to the training and competency level of each patroller, in areas such as emergency bike repair, emergency medical assistance, USFS rules and regulations, IMBA’s Rules of the Trail and general knowledge of the area including trail conditions. We also provide feedback to the Forest Service regarding trail conditions, maintenance issues, emergency situations and rules infractions. The one thing that is not part of our mission is law enforcement! We leave that up to the Forest Service and the Jefferson County Sheriff.

What Are The Requirements?
First and foremost, you must be interested in riding your bike, having a good time and helping others. All volunteers must be at least 16 years old, be an enthusiastic, but not necessarily, an expert rider and patrol at least three weekend days during the season. First Aid and CPR certification are not required but are helpful. Patrol training takes place in late May or early June, is a one day event and is required for all new volunteers. The date is to be determined. Also, we patrol in pairs so if you have a friend that may be interested, have them sign up too. Otherwise, we’ll pair you up with another patroller.

What’s In It For You?
In addition to giving back to the sport and showing a major land management agency that we as mountain bikers can be a responsible and committed user group, there are several other benefits. We receive local sponsorship from BikeSource providing us with free consumables such as tubes, patch kits, water bottles and discounts on products and services. You can become a member of IMBA’s National Mountain Bike Patrol and take advantage of discounted items. Also, the new trails that have recently been built and are currently under construction in the Buffalo Creek area have happened in part due to the relationship built between FRMBP with the USFS. So the patrol’s efforts benefit all riders.

If you are interested in becoming a patrol member or need more information, please Contact Us. Come on out this summer, help us with a good cause and have fun at the same time. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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