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Shaping Wonderfully Optimized Trails - SWOT

SWOT - Shaping Wonderful Optimized Trails

COMBA's Trail Team is working with Jefferson County Open Space to help them understand the needs of mountain bikers and for COMBA to better understand JCOS's needs.  It's a great partnership formed over many years, loads of meetings, and many outings.  We are now at the point in the relationship where JCOS trusts COMBA to create better, bike friendly trails throughout their system.

What does this mean?

We have formed a group as requested by JCOS.

  1. SWOT (Shaping Wonderful Optimized Trails) -  A team that focuses on this specifically.  We will reshape, reroute, and rebuild trail in collaboration with JCOS trail specialists.

Check this page often for ways for you to get involved!

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