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COMBA got its start in 1991 when a group of mountain bikers decided to start repairing and improving the trails they rode nearly every day. From those simple roots COMBA has grown to provide a broad range of services touching all aspects of mountain biking, allowing us to support our partner land managers in building world-class MTB experiences. Our volunteers and trail crew build and improve trails in the Central Front Range and our certified instructors educate local mountain bikers to help them get the most from the sport.  Our more than 1,400 members and key business partners provide the platform for us to do our daily work and keep mountain bikers represented in the Front Range public lands management decision making. Since 2016, COMBA has helped bring about exciting new bike-specific trails such as Little Scraggy, North Elk Creek, South Dakota Ridge, and the awesome new trail system at Floyd Hill featuring The Sluice bike-only descent trail.


COMBA is a non-profit organization funded solely by memberships and donations. We are dedicated to the interests of our members and the Front Range mountain biking community. We work hard to maintain, improve and create great trails & riding experiences for everyone who enjoys our sport. 


We focus our efforts in three main areas:

  • Working to improve/maintain access for mountain bikers

  • Creating opportunities for new trail

  • Cultivating relationships with land managers

  • Promoting stewardship and responsible trail construction

  • Being a voice for our members

Trail Stewardship
  • Caring for our existing trail systems

  • Sustainably building new trail while advocating for riders' desires for challenge and variety

  • Operating our own mechanized trail building crew ​

  • Creating volunteer opportunities for everyone 

Community Involvement
  • Supporting youth, women, beginner riders and newcomers to Colorado

  • Offering events and rides to create a thriving riding environment for all

  • Working with other organizations and local businesses for community benefit

​The Front Range is an incredible place to ride. There’s fantastic terrain, 300+ days of sunshine most years, as well as an established and innovative mountain biking community. That said, we envision something more. At COMBA we believe that the Front Range can and should become the best place to ride in the United States. It’s our #1 commitment. We intend to make that vision a reality through trail projects and education, as well as thoughtful partnerships and community activism.

To us at COMBA, mountain biking is more than a fun sport, or even a lifestyle. It’s also a cultural force with the ability to positively transform our community’s health, environment, and economy. We see improved trail experiences and a strong mountain biking community as necessary investments in our future.

​We hope that you'll want to support this mission, since we can't do our work without you. Come join us for the ride!


Colorado Mountain Bike Association

PO Box 280415 Lakewood Colorado 80228

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