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Want to join an amazing group and work in a fun, exciting, outdoor environment? Love mountain biking? COMBA is accepting applications for Spring 2024! 


Purpose: To answer the question, who is going to maintain the trails we are loving to death in the Colorado Front Range and address the $20 million maintenance backlog? Since Mountain Bikes are frequent visitors to the trails, the Colorado Mountain Bike Association decided to take an active part in the solution and formed a paid Strike Team to systematically solve the problem.


Required Skills and Experience:


  • Contribute to a safe learning environment

  • Effectively follow directions and ask questions for clarification

  • Able to focus on tasks at hand without distraction

  • Able to keep an eye out for potential risky situations

  • Desire to work as a team

  • Willingness to address conflict or receive constructive feedback

  • Live in a physically demanding and potentially remote environment

  • Able to cope positively in a harsh climate or severe weather patterns

  • Flexibility, adaptability, and capacity to work in a fluid, changing work environment

  • Desire to learn and be a part of a dynamic community of peer leaders

  • Must be adaptive, patient and able to maintain a positive perspective throughout

  • Physically fit, able to work efficiently for long days, lift up to 50lbs, withstand adverse weather, and hike up to 5 miles with a 40 lb pack

  • High school diploma or GED and valid drivers license

  • Desire to work on a variety of conservation-based projects

  • Background in hard driving, goal oriented, or accomplishment focused positive mind-set

  • Minimum of in-person or online first aid course and CPR (provided upon hiring)


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working for a professional trail building crew or conservation corp

  • Trail Building experience and mountain bike oriented trail building experience

  • Endurance sports, outdoor sports or work background - cross fit, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, climbing, mountaineering, hunting, construction, landscaping, surveying, excavation, farming, etc.

  • College or Trade experience


Pay: Starting pay $22-25 per hour based on experience. Bonus may be available.

Benefits: Uniform shirt, some PPE and all tools provided. On the job training and needed certs.


Contact Name: Dustin London, COMBA Strike Force Crew Leader

Organization: Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) Address: PO Box 280415 Lakewood, CO 80228

Job Title: Trail Crew Job time frame: Summer seasonal/full-time May to August with optional extension October.

Location of work: Central Front Range of Colorado land agencies within a 2-hour drive from Denver.

Required: Cover letter, resume and recommendations.

Submit to:

Subject line: Seasonal Trail Crew Position.


What to expect:

In a day-

  • The Strike Force will oftentimes be camping in the work zone. The early morning work day begins often with a ~15 minutes Stand Up meeting with stretch exercises, education, safety talk and today's project plan. Trail maintenance includes possibly a brisk, long hike with up to 50 lbs, carrying in tools needed for the day's tasks and setting a goal and process for the morning and afternoon based on the scope of work and the project at hand.

  • The team is working alongside each other with hand tools in a safe, thoughtful, and efficient way. The team may have a team meeting at the site with their crew leader to define the work scope of the project at hand. There may be communication on technique, improving teamwork, collaborating on project methods, needed changes, tool organization, design options and watching for safety concerns.

  • Crew will perform cleaning and restoration of drains, corridor maintenance and clearing debris, blazing trail, finishing work behind machines, and installing signage. Work would involve heavy lifting, digging, sawing, chopping, carrying, brush cutting, and operation of or around power equipment in the construction and maintenance of natural surface trails. Technical trailwork like carpentry, rockwork, installing bridges, stone walls and stairs, berms, rolling grade dips, and other natural and unnatural features.

  • Crew may work around heavy equipment, trailers, vehicles, gas powered and electric tools, and chainsaws or grip hoists/come-alongs.

  • Not only can the project process change throughout the day, weather conditions can change rapidly from cold to hot, sunny to wet and require good preparations with personal gear, food, and water. ○ Teams may break up to maximize efficiency.

  • There will be no smoking or drugs on the work or campsites.

  • The team may work in isolated or exposed areas, crowded trails, with volunteers, with land agencies or alongside heavy equipment.

  • Teams will always have personal protection Equipment (PPE).

  • The team will work with their Crew Leader to decide when it is best to take a 15 minute break morning and afternoon, when to take their ½ hour lunch and when to end the day. The team will decide on if, how and where to store which tools and equipment on site.

  • Music personal or group may be based on the situational awareness and Crew Leaders desire for the project.

  • Talking while working will be encouraged as long as work is efficiently progressing.

  • The Crew Leader will be keeping an eye on safety, open to ideas, actively listen to the crew or individuals, encourage leadership of appropriate projects, drive the pace, cheering progress, sometimes making the final decisions, maximizing efficiency and educating the Trail Crew.

  • Personal Mountain Bikes may be used to test trail design, access the site or transport equipment. Not a requirement for the job.

In a week-

  • The Strike Force Trail Crew will have a set goal in mind for their mission and work 4 full 10 hour days for the week.

  • Weather is rarely a deterrent and oftentimes the team will work strategically through changing weather patterns. The Crew Leader will discuss with the team if work conditions seem impossible or inefficient due to weather and determine when and how to make up lost time.

  • The team will often hike many miles in a week, carrying loads on uneven terrain and be required to hike off trail in rough, often steep environmental conditions.

  • Transport to and from the job site is on each member's own including if carpool arrangements are made.

  • Personal camping equipment in a group setting is to be expected and extreme care will be taken to keep hands sanitized, camp area tidy, camp zone free of open food and obey camp area rules. Trail Crew will have a camp Method of Operation they will set together and strictly adhere to. Camp will be left with the Leave No Trace method.

  • Evening meals are determined by each crew member or will be coordinated within the crew.

  • Specific accomplishments and goals achieved will be recorded by the Crew Leader.


In a Summer- 

  • Strike Force Trail Crews will work hitches based on land manager needs. Hitches could change weekly or last an entire summer

  • COMBA staff will visit periodically to help, encourage, communicate and instruct. ○ Land managers will visit progress and provide feedback

  • Crew Leader will guide schedule with Trail Crew input

  • Trail Crew will plan one backpack Hitch


Personal Protection Equipment Required (PPE)

❏ Backpack (30L or more) provided

❏ Work gloves one pair provided

❏ Sunshirt uniform provided

❏ Ball cap and buff provided

❏ Ear plugs provided

❏ Work Boots-hiking boots with some sort of toe protection advised

❏ Durable, breathable pants

❏ Rain Suit

❏ Eye protection (sun/safety)

❏ Sunscreen/protection

❏ Toilet paper/hand sanitizer

❏ Cold weather layers

❏ 3 quarts of water minimum and snacks

❏ Personal med kit

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Strike Force Trail Crew Member

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