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Trails Projects


Trails projects are where we spend most of our time and money, because MTB-specific experiences have to be pursued and created. COMBA gets involved at every step from concept to plan, fundraising to construction, and often we use high tech trail counters to collect data to better understand and manage our systems. Overall, we bring the experience and resources needed to develop world-class trails and trail systems.


Our Trails Team develops collaborative partnerships with each land manager in our area to ensure well-maintained and constructed trails that have the least possible impact on wildlife and critical habitats. Volunteers are instrumental to our success and we would love to show you how much fun it can be to roll up your sleeves and build what you ride. 


Warren Gulch is NOW BACK OPEN! This popular shuttle-run has been closed for two years due to private property conflicts. 

North Elk Creek has a new trail called Rusty Buckle that cuts over a peak from NEC to Borderline, OPEN NOW!

Maryland Mountain’s new expert trail is called Ore Chute and it is steep and rocky! Bring your best game to this double-black expert trail!

Virginia Canyon Mountain Park trail system is underway! Currently it's under heavy construction with the main bike-only directional trails being built. More updates to come soon!

Lair O' The Bear has a new bike-only directional trail called Rutabaga Ride! This fast and flowy blue-rated trail allows riders to descend on a designated use trail designed and built for mountain biking, safely away from the busy lower section and the path along the creek. This was a COMBA trails project submited in 2018 and we’re stoked to see it finally come to life!

Bringing back a trail lost to private land, while enhancing its natural character as a shuttle trail

Building new trail, including several bike-only directional options, in Black Hawk


Building new trail, including bike-only directional options, near Idaho Springs

A partnership project to balance and improve both wildlife needs and recreation opportunities along the Hwy 285 corridor

Ongoing work to maintain and improve this robust system near Pine Junction


Building a singletrack connection between Staunton State Park and Cub Creek Trail

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