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Great trails happen with great people, and we'd love to have you join us! In 2024 we're launching a new volunteer program to help connect you to the local trails. We're offering training and rewards for volunteers to become Leaders with our Trails Team. There’s more below about joining the COMBA Trails Stewardship Program. Take the survey and tell us how you’d like to get involved. You can also reach out to the team with questions -


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Please take this short survey so we can learn more about your preferences and interests
COMBA Trails Stewardship Program - Earn rewards and learn more about trail building. There are three levels of experience. How fast you progress is up to you because all training is on-the-job.

Crew Member
  • No experience needed, but interested and able to commit time. 

  • Work side-by-side with COMBA Crew Leaders & Stewards

  • Learn techniques for sustainable trail maintenance and bike optimized construction.

Crew Leader
  • Leads volunteer teams and conducts safety meetings

  • Assists with planning and design

  • Supervises construction and maintenance crews

  • Knows how to build bike optimized features

  • Knows sustainable trail building techniques

  • Identifies problems and applies solutions

  • Expert in building a variety of bike optimized features

  • Expert in sustainable trail building techniques

  • Leads Crew Leaders, Crew Members, and Volunteers 

  • Coordinates with the land manager and COMBA Trails Leadership. 

  • Technical Advisor on all phases of planning, maintenance, and construction


  • 10+ hours = COMBA wool socks from Save Our Soles

  • 20+ hours = COMBA Trail Crew long-sleeve work shirt with UPF50

  • 36+ hours = COMBA Trail Crew hoodie

  • 50+ hours = Two free 1/2 day MTB skills sessions ($600 value each) with RideReady

  • 75+ hours =  One free full day MTB skills session ($1000 value) with RideReady


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