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First and foremost, we represent the interests of our members and the Front Range Mountain Biking Community. Our ability to bring about change is closely correlated to the number of members, volunteers, and advocates who stand with us. Above all else, we must appreciate their needs and desires in order to focus our efforts on the outcomes most critical to our community.

Our volunteer trail builders, trail advocates, and trail educators are shaping the future of mountain biking in the Front Range. We crank hard on strategic and tactical priority projects: envisioning new riding areas, building and maintaining popular trails and parks, promoting stewardship and responsible trail use, cultivating relationships with land managers, and continuing to stand up for mountain bikers—alerting and activating our community—when things get muddy.

The Front Range is an incredible place to ride. There’s fantastic terrain, 300+ days of sunshine most years, as well as an established and innovative mountain biking community. That said, we envision something more. At COMBA we believe that the Front Range can and should become the best place to ride in the United States. It’s our #1 commitment. We intend to make that vision reality through trail projects and education, as well as thoughtful partnerships and community activism.


It’s no secret that we face challenges with this vision. Explosive population growth has led to overcrowding, trail damage, and user conflicts—making COMBA’s advocacy and trail work ever more critical. While we see bumps and rolls on the long trail ahead, we acknowledge and accept the difficulties associated with our mission. We will continue to pedal forward, leverage our strengths, and find solutions for better trail experiences... not just for mountain bikers but for all trail users.


All of the work behind us, and all of the work ahead, is possible because of COMBA’s passionate members and longstanding community support. As a social organization we celebrate our community’s work, champion our successes, and inspire each other on and off the trail. We are an inclusive member-driven club that ensures everyone (especially women, young riders, beginners, and newcomers to Colorado) has the opportunity to discover our local trails, find great riding partners, improve their skills in a welcoming environment, and volunteer to pay it all forward so that we, and generations to come, may benefit.


To us at COMBA, mountain biking is more than a fun sport, or even a lifestyle. It’s also a cultural force with the ability to positively transform our community’s health, environment, and economy. We see improved trail experiences and a strong mountain biking community as necessary investments in our future.


Come join us for the ride!

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