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COMBA + IMBA: A Rich History with an Exciting Future

Our COMBA roots go back to 1991 and a handful of mountain biking volunteers that wanted to start helping take care of the local single track. That nucleus of volunteers grew organically over the next two decades, obtaining our 501(c)(3) status and adding a board of directors to form a working board to lead the charge. Trail work parties, fundraising events, and social rides kept everyone busy and grew the impact we were able to have on area mountain biking experiences. In 2010, the board was ready to turn up the heat and decided to join IMBA as a chapter organization to take advantage of the tools and resources IMBA makes available to the community-based organizations that are the boots-on-the-ground advocates across the country.


IMBA provided the membership program to help us organize more of our community, payroll and HR services when we were ready to add staff, and even provided access to group insurance rates for the needed coverages. That suite of products and knowledge has grown into IMBA Local which now supports more than 220 IMBA Local partners nationwide. 

“COMBA has been one of our longest and strongest partners in the IMBA Local program, with decades of advocacy work that organizations around the country look toward to learn from,” said David Wiens, IMBA Executive Director. “The IMBA Local program takes the administrative burden off small organizations to allow more time for trails. COMBA’s growth is a testament to their success in getting more mountain bikers involved, and we look forward to continuing our close partnership.”


5-years later, the COMBA board of directors decided it was time to add a full-time executive director to meet the challenges of a rapidly-growing Front Range population and surging mountain biking popularity. Working from the IMBA Local platform, COMBA quickly evolved by pursuing vital funding for area project planning, forming critical partnership groups, and attracting even more members. From our first full-time employee in 2016, we are now driven by three full-timers, nine seasonal staff, and more than 200 volunteers! During this time we have been gradually taking on each component of the IMBA Local suite and this month we will be bringing our membership program in-house to complete the transition to being fully independent. Closing our time as an IMBA chapter kicks-off the next chapter in our story.


“We will continue to support IMBA going forward as we recognize the need for a national MTB voice and greatly appreciate the efforts of their government relations team working on policy at both the national and state levels,” Gary Moore, COMBA executive director. “Support from the IMBA Local staff has been of great benefit to us during our growth and we are thankful for their partnership. My goal is to continue to be a partner with them and all of the outstanding grassroots MTB advocates across the country.”

So, what's next? COMBA will continue to pursue world-class mountain biking experiences in our area by leading the discussion with our partners and land managers that will shape our local trails. We will continue to be instrumental in developing crucial landscape level planning with programs like Outside 285 Regional Partnership and projects like the Indian Creek master plan. We also look to continue our successes at Floyd Hill and Maryland Mountain with new trails in Idaho Springs. And just as important, we will continue to grow and develop the COMBA Women's program to reach out and welcome all those that seek to more-fully enjoy mountain biking in the Front Range. We're excited about our future, and we hope you will join us!

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