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Virginia Canyon Mountain Park - Idaho Springs

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As more communities across Colorado recognize the value of trails for both residents and visitors, Idaho Springs has joined the movement with an updated master plan for its Virginia Canyon Mountain Park. 

The park covers 400 acres and is located just north of town, above the iconic Argo Mine and Mill. Its terrain is steep and rugged, providing great opportunities for challenging rides and hikes. Approximately 12 miles of trail are planned, with a combination of multi-use, hiker-only, and bike-only directional options to make the most of the terrain for experienced users. Most of the trails will be rated blue and black, with some double-black mileage as well as technical trail features on the more advanced lines.


Currently, the project is in the fundraising process to begin phase one, which will include three miles of trail and create access from the Argo Mine side of the property. This approach will also allow riders to connect directly to the Clear Creek Greenway Trail. Funds raised by the community will help not only with construction, but also assist the City of Idaho Springs in acquiring matching grants.   

Virginia Canyon Mountain Park Project Stats


  • Project Type: New trail system

  • User Groups: Mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners

  • Difficulty: Beginner - Expert

  • Distance: Approx. 12-Miles

  • Nature: Singletrack

  • Status: Fundraising 

Virginia Canyon Mountain Park Project Timeline

1999 - The property was endowed to the City by Clear Creek County under the Recreation & Public Purposes Act.

2005, 2008, 2017 - Various planning documents were created.


2018 - The City received a Great Outdoors Colorado grant to begin planning and design of phase one.


2019 - Final master plan was completed, prioritizing high-quality trail experiences and the start of construction.

2020 - Fundraising began; an updated trail map released.