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Trails Team

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So what’s happening in the world of trails with COMBA? Our Trails Team has a ton of projects going on all over the Front Range. Below is a down and dirty recap of what’s been going on. Wanna get involved? Just shoot us an email to to let us know.

Outside 285 – Gil McCormick

  • Goal: Create a regional master plan for public lands management in an area southwest of Denver along the Highway 285 corridor to balance the needs of conservation and recreation.

    • Colorado The Beautiful planning grant awarded to COMBA​

  • Collaborating with Bailey HUNDO and Team Evergreen Cycling

  • Hold a board member seat on the Bailey HUNDO board

  • Leading the effort for the establishment of the North Elk Creek trail system north of Staunton State Park and connecting to Cub Creek Trail in Evergreen

    • CPW/GOCO grants awarded to COMBA for planning and construction

    • Grant administration and project management


Buffalo Creek – Greg Sprenger

  • Goal: Keep trails well-maintained and bike-optimized

  • Conducting corporate work days and volunteer work parties

  • Providing work opportunities for youth corps groups

  • Planning and conducting trail reroutes on Baldy, Buck Gulch and Strawberry Jack


City of Golden – Jerry Harcek

  • Supporting the Giddyup Trail Team's refresh and expansion of the Golden Bike Park​

  • Working with a team to create singletrack sidewalks in Golden.


City of Lakewood – Gil McCormick

  • Goal: Enhance Beginner & Intermediate trail experiences

    • 2017 construction of Lower Box Of Rox

    • 2018 realignment of the Rooney Valley Trail

    • Providing training for trail staff in modern trail building

    • Provided crew leaders and volunteers for National Trails Day work party


Clear Creek County – David Knox

  • Goal: Establish new bike-optimized trail systems

  • Collaborating with Idaho Springs and partners on a new system called Virginia Canyon Mountain Park, ~ 12 miles

    • Helped City win planning grant and develop master plan

    • Working as consultants to the City of Idaho Springs

    • Pursuing grant funding for construction of trails in 2021

  • Providing guidance and support for developing Clear Creek trails initiatives in Floyd Hill, Arapaho NF, and Cub Creek

  • Key partner in developing the Floyd Hill Open Space Trails

    • Helped fund professional master plan

    • Raised $50K for downhill, bike-only trail The Sluice

    • Provided machine trail crews and volunteers for construction and maintenance


Colorado Trail / Denver Water – Joe & Kristin Tonsager

  • Goal: Maintain and optimize Segment 1 of Colorado Trail

  • Conducting annual work party on CT1 for National Public Lands Day

  • Collaborating with Denver Water to plan new 6 mile singletrack trail to move foot and bike traffic off of the Waterton Canyon service road


Denver Mountain Parks – Tom Furgason

  • Goal: Establish a working relationship with DMP to facilitate better designed/maintained trails, as well as improve collaborations between DMP and JeffCo

  • Meeting with DMP personnel to offer resources and expertise

  • Participating in Denver Mountain Park volunteer days


Golden Gate Canyon State Park - Dylan Monke

  • Goal: Rework trail systems to provide better MTB experiences

  • Performing trail assessments

  • Installing trail counters

  • Collaborate on new trails master plan


Indian Creek/Roxborough – Douglas County – David Knox

  • Goal: Improve current trails and establish opportunities for youth corps and volunteer work parties to assist with maintenance

  • Conducting trail assessment operations using Avenza mapping software


Jefferson County Open Space – Peter Thomas

  • Goal: Optimize existing trails for bikes and add new trail segments  

  • Shaping Wonderful Optimized Trails (SWOT) Team

    • Dedicated group focused on JCOS trail opportunities

    • SWOT Team trail optimizations on Dakota Ridge, Morrison Slide, etc.

  • Conducted survey of JCOS visitors to provide MTB community feedback to JeffCo management

  • Trail Etiquette programs

    • Funded $4,500 in bike bells for JCOS handouts at trail head events

    • Producing etiquette education video series


Urban (Denver Trails & Parks) – Gil McCormick

  • Goal: Establish more natural surface trails near disadvantaged and underage populations to provide more off-road riding opportunities

  • Working relationship with Groundwork Denver

  • Providing input and driving public comments for Lakewood Parks  & Rec “Imagine Lakewood” comprehensive recreation plan

  • Supporting and contributing to the Everett Middle School perimeter trail project

  • Providing input and guidance to Foothills Parks & Rec for a potential bike park

  • Member of the steering committee for the Sheridan GOCO Inspire Initiative

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