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Trail Building

The Colorado Mountain Bicycle Association is dedicated to building new singletrack trails and helping land mangers maintain current trails.  COMBA started out as the Trail Conservation Services in 1991 maintaining trails and to this day building and maintaining trails is one of our main goals.

We have a strong paternership with the USFS in the Platte River Ranger District which has enabled us to work with the USFS to build, maintain and reroute many miles of single track in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area. In 2011 COMBA completed the Black Jack and Rasberry Ridge trails, the first trails to be completely built by a mountain bike advocacy organization in the Buffalo Creek area.  With those trails under our belt we worked with the USFS to get approval for a new trail circumnavigating Little Scraggy peak, and in 2013 we broke ground on the Little Scraggy trail which includes a loop around Kelsey Campground and will add another 9 miles of buff singletrack to the area. Today, we continue to work with the USFS and the Platte River Ranger District to build new and maintain existing trails.

We are entirely a volunteer lead and run organization. If you want to see great trails built and maintained in the Colorado Front Range, please join us at a volunteer work day in conjunction with one of our current projects. Work days are often paired with educational trail building workshops run by organizations like the US Forest Service and IMBA. Explore all the projects we are currently working on by going to our PROJECTS page.

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